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TheTrenton High School Art Department is separated into two dimensions of art. Once a student completes an Introduction to 2-D or 3-D art class, the student can then venture into other art classes based on interest.  


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Non-Homestead Renewal Ballot Proposal 

Did you know that there is a critical operating millage for the Trenton School District on the August 5, 2014 ballot? The Board of Education is requesting voter approval to renew the current 18 mill Non-Homestead Millage.  The millage is due to expire on December 31, 2014. The Non-Homestead millage is only levied on business properties within the School District; if you are a homeowner, you are not subject to this Non-Homestead Operating Millage in your primary residence.

 Proposal A, in 1995, provided a new school funding formula for schools districts with a per-pupil funding amount known as the “Foundation Allowance”.  The Foundation Allowance is funded by both a school district’s local operating tax collections and amounts paid by the State which together allow a school district to receive its full per-pupil allowance.  The law requires that the 18 mills on Non-Homestead property cannot be collected unless it comes before voters in an election.  Even though primary households are not affected, state law requires a district-wide election to approve this millage.

The Non-Homestead Millage generates $3.8 million or about 15% of Trenton School District’s operating revenue.  If the millage renewal is not approved, the state will not make up the difference, and Trenton Public Schools will lose $3.8 million in revenue.

 If you would like additional information or have a question regarding this important action, please call Rodney Wakeham, Superintendent of Schools, at 734-676-8600



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Frequently Asked Questions

  What is a school operating millage?

 A school operating millage is a local property tax that is levied by a school district on taxable property in the district to help operate the district and make repairs and improvements.

 Didn’t the passing of Proposal A in 1994 eliminate the need for school Operating Millages?

 This is a common misconception.  School Operating Millages are still needed to receive the full per-pupil Foundation Allowance.  A local Operating Millage requires voter approval.

 How does this tax compare to other Wayne County Schools?

 All Wayne County School Districts have received approval from their respective communities to levy a non-homestead millage on industrial and commercial properties.

 How is the non-homestead millage different from a Bond Millage or a Site Sinking Fund?

 By law, the Building and Sinking Funds can only be used to pay for identified major repairs and/or improvements.  Bond proceeds may only be used for capital projects and site improvements.  In contrast, the non-homestead renewal has the flexibility to be used to pay for the day to day expenditures of operating a school district.

 Is this a new tax?

No.  This non-homestead millage is a renewal of a levy supported by Trenton voters twice before (1995, 2004).

 How does this tax affect the property tax on my home?

 Renewing this operating millage will have no impact on the property tax you pay for your primary residence.

 Will this increase taxes on Non-Homestead properties?

 No.  This is a renewal so businesses will pay the same millage rate they are currently paying.

 What is the impact if the Operating Millage renewal proposal is not approved by the voters?

 If the non-homestead renewal fails, Trenton Public Schools will lose approximately $3.8 million annually or 15% of its operating budget.  The revenue source currently represents $1,466 per year for each and every student in the School District. 

 How will the revenue collected on non-homestead properties be used? 

The $3,839,700 generated by the renewal of this significant revenue source represents approximately 15% of the School District’s Operating Budget.  The revenue will be used to continue funding the District’s operating costs and programs, such as, classroom instruction, technology, textbooks, utilities, maintenance of facilities, transportation, and food service.



Trenton Public Schools Announces Schools of Choice - Limited Enrollment 2014/2015 

Enrollment Period: Monday, April 28 – Friday, May 16, 2014

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