• 2015 Strategic Plan Goals / Goal Statements / Strategies - Trenton Public Schools

    Goal Area # 1

    Student Achievement

    Goal Statement


    Increase student achievement in a learning environment that inspires and supports all students


    • Expand curricular opportunities to prepare graduates to compete in a global society


    • Align and ensure the implementation of K-12 curriculum and assessments within and across subject areas, courses, and grade levels


    • Provide district-wide support and intervention for students who are not making expected academic progress



    Goal Area # 2

    Teaching and Learning Practices

    Goal Statement


    Implement curricular, instructional, and assessment practices that promote student engagement and learning across all grades and courses


    • Provide a continuous program of professional learning based on best practices and current research


    • Implement and maintain a balanced assessment system where students and staff utilize multiple data sources to monitor and adjust learning


    • Utilize differentiated teaching and learning approaches to engage and challenge all students


    • Seamlessly integrate technology into all levels of teaching and learning



    Goal Area # 3

    School and Community Relations

    Goal Statement


    Communicate, engage, and collaborate with families and the community to support student learning


    • Facilitate partnerships that expand learning connections beyond the classroom setting


    • Foster a positive culture where all students are academically, emotionally, and physically supported and valued


    • Increase frequency and methods of communication with all stakeholders



    Goal Area # 4

    Financial Responsibility and Operations

    Goal Statement


    Maintain sustainable operations and optimize the use of resources to enhance the quality of educational programs and facilities


    • Evaluate and implement new and innovative revenue sources and partnerships


    • Review and prioritize district policies and practices to maximize financial stability


    • Develop and implement maintenance and capital improvement plans of the facilities, grounds, technology, and other capital assets

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