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2601 Charlton Road
(734) 676-3515

Director: Glenn Czajka

Administrative Assistant: Cheri Bruns


The Mission of Trenton Public School’s Special Education Department is to maximize the potential of students with special needs through individualized learning experiences and opportunities which will prepare them to participate as fully as possible in our schools and community.

Psychologists   Supervisor of Hearing Impaired
  Mariam Olive   Julie Gerrity
  Kristen Ryder  
Social Workers     Audiologists
  Michel DeJulian     Lynne Coleman
  Shannon Kelly-Buzuvis     Louise Mann
  Bridget Kramer     Virginia Schroeder

Elementary Teaching Staff
  Kristi Cheney Resource Room    
  Katie Fera Resource Room    
  Jennifer Krolak Resource Room    
  Cynthia Langlotz Learning Disabled    
  Melissa Behnan Hearing Impaired    
  Denise Nemeth Hearing Impaired    
  Tanasha Martin Hearing Impaired    
  Sara Shay Hearing Impaired    
  Rachel Sloan Hearing Impaired    
  Darlene Broome Speech & Language    
  Lisa Syverson Speech & Language    
Middle School Teaching Staff
  Melissa Carson Speech & Language    
  Julie Duffany Resource Room    
  Yvette Gronda Resource Room    
  Christina Grooms Resource Room    
  Gloria Ladley Resource Room    
  Catherine Smith Resource Room    
  Marian Smith Speech & Language    
  Darlene Strasser Hearing Impaired    
  Karen Van Nieuwkuyk Emotionally Impaired    
High School Teaching Staff
  Mike Abdo Resource Room    
  Casey Harhold Resource Room    
  Joseph Petrena Resource Room    
  Todd Szalka Resource Room    
  Dan Taylor Resource Room    
  Betsy Tinsley Resource Room    
  Andrea Thorn Hearing Impaired    
  Mary Harvey Speech & Language    
Hearing Impaired Consultants
  Calista Bacalis Hearing Impaired    
  Melissa Cabautan Hearing Impaired    
  Rebecca Churchill Hearing Impaired    
  Tammy Forrest Hearing Impaired    
  Beth Mann Hearing Impaired    
  Michelle Minard Hearing Impaired    
  Sue Nelson Hearing Impaired    
  Julie Rooney Hearing Impaired    
  Jennifer Spencer Hearing Impaired    
  Sue Stegeman Hearing Impaired    
  Leslie Sutherland Hearing Impaired    
  Sandy Trost Hearing Impaired    
  Janelle Wooford Hearing Impaired    




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